About This Blog

Who the Eff is Jeff?

Jeff is that guy arrogant enough to think it would be good for people to have access to his every musing. He is a yeshiva-educated post-bac who ignites interest in intellectual culture by starting a highly irreverent and always inflammatory blog.

It is an honor and a privilege to welcome you to our brand new blog, Who the Eff is Jeff!

Who the Eff is Jeff is a project conceived by three good friends with similar educational backgrounds and varied scholastic interests. We have all graduated from different universities and are currently in the process of running that sometimes-rewarding, often frustrating gauntlet called “life.”

Who the Eff is Jeff is intended to be a forum for us to share our collected thoughts on subjects ranging from law to film to food in light of our yeshiva-educated backgrounds and our post-yeshiva trajectories. Our hope is that this blog sparks lively conversation and debate amongst its authors and readers. With a no-holds-barred policy and a large variance of opinion among us, we hope to entertain and enlighten, provoke and pontificate, rant and ruminate, learn and illuminate.

So, who the eff is Jeff? Jeff is that dude you talk to when you have an epiphany in the shower or in your bed at 3:30am. He’s your greatest ideological foe and your closest confidant. He’s your wife and your business partner. He’s the sum of your experiences and the spark for your ambition. He’s the totality of your intellectual potential.

We hope that over the course of the life of this blog, you get to know Jeff. Lord knows he’s an effing nuisance to pin down.

(Please note that all the views in this blog are solely those of the authors and not of the institutions to which they belong.)


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