About the Authors


Daniel Winchester is a New Jersey native currently living in Washington, D.C. He graduated in 2012 from Yeshiva University, a small Jewish college in NYC, with a B.A. in Economics and French Language. During his day job, he works with college faculty to develop online courses on libertarian ideas. At night, he transforms into a libertarian superhero, “Market Man”, and saves Gotham from the scourge of socialism. His interests span from political economy to Jewish philosophy to contemporary transgressive New Jersey cinema to walruses, and he’s an inimitable Facebook troll.

Winch on LinkedIn


Daniel Schwartz graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2010  with a B.A. in Film and Philosophy.

He  spent the following year at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.  He is now working as a writer for a video-advertising outfit based in NY.

After over a decade of yeshiva day school Daniel ended up chozer b’sheela, and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Daniel on Vimeo / Daniel on LinkedIn


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