Kanye West Chimes in on Paper Spread, Admits to Being “More of a Boob Guy”

Amid the hysteria surrounding the recent 360° tour of Kim Kardashian’s body, one voice has remained conspicuously silent: husband Kanye West’s. But early Friday morning, Kanye joined the chorus of disapproval via Twitter, admitting that he wasn’t such a huge fan of his wife’s huge fanny.

“Don’t know what all the fuss is about. I like a big butt, but more of a boob guy. #twinpeaks #nottwincheeks”

The tweet comes as somewhat of a surprise, as many fans and critics of the power couple suspected that it was Kim’s monster tush that ht_paper_kim_k_undressed_FLOAT_kb_141112_16x9_992had, in fact, initially won Kanye’s affections. Kanye rejected that notion in an email to TMZ this afternoon: “No, man. It was never about Kim’s butt. It was her inner beauty…and her boobs. I don’t want people to think that I’m all about Kim for her butt. To be honest, I don’t even find it that sexy.”

He followed up with a scathing critique of the Paper backlash. “All you cultural critics and internet critics that come out of the woodwork when someone decides to show true beauty, y’all don’t know what true beauty is. I know what true beauty is. I’m Kanye West,” said Kanye West. “I wish people would stop being so shallow and realize that what’s truly beautiful about Kim is her strong personality and her chest.”


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